Tools and Resources To Make Your Life Easier

Resources - Tools and Resources To Make Your Life Easier


Following are additional tools and resources for your use:

  • Account Disclosures
    Please read the agreements and disclosures for each of your accounts carefully.
  • Current Rates
    Review rates for all of our interest-bearing accounts.
  • Forms
    Download forms for changing your address, opening an account or applying for a loan.
  • Alerts
    Read important information about Internet viruses and phishing scams.
  • ID Theft
    Read valuable information on how to protect your identity from fraud and theft.
  • Order Checks
    Order your new checks online for greater ease and convenience.
  • Locations
    Find or contact one of our nearby branch offices.
  • Registered Mortgage Loan Originators
    A complete listing of Bank of Southern California registered Mortgage Loan Originators.
  • Banking Regulator
    Office of the Comptroller of Currency
    Western Division
    1925 Palomar Oaks Way, Suite 202
    Carlsbad, CA 92008