Increase Cash Flow
And Improve Your Bottom Line

Cash Management - Increase Cash Flow And Improve Your Bottom Line

Cash Management

At Bank of Southern California, we provide a range of easy-to-implement cash management tools that are designed to improve your business's cash flow and minimize unnecessary fees while optimizing your cash balances to maximize earnings. Our team of experienced professionals will thoroughly analyze your account activity to determine the optimal cash balance given your business expenses and then help you implement the best liquidity and investment solutions for to meet your financial goals.

Cash management tools we offer include:

Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services

Whether you are looking to offer direct deposit to your employees, pay your vendors electronically, process your Federal tax payments, or receive payments from your customers, ACH processing allows you to handle payments electronically – which greatly increases the speed, accuracy and efficiency of your payments and collections.

Courier Service

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. With our Courier Service, we can arrange to have your bank deposits picked up daily or on a regular schedule to help you get your deposits to the bank in a timely manner and save your staff valuable work time.

Online Banking

With 24/7 online access to your accounts, you have real-time information on your cash position and account activity at your fingertips. Unlike most major banks, there is no monthly fee or per account charges for our online business banking and it's always available to make your banking easier. With online banking, you can view your account activity, check your account balances, transfer funds between accounts, view statements and check images, pay bills, originate ACH payments and wire transfers, and even make your Federal and State tax payments. You can also setup access for your employees, including assigning individual permissions and tracking their online transactions.

Remote Deposit Capture

With Remote Deposit Capture, you can make deposits directly to your Bank of Southern California accounts without ever leaving your office. Since we provide you with a Remote Deposit Capture scanner free-of-charge, you can securely scan and electronically transmit your checks to the bank for processing. This convenience allows you to make your deposits more easily and speed up the collection of your funds.

Wire Transfer Service

When you need to send funds quickly and reliably, our wire transfer service provides the convenience, speed and quality you need. Whether it's domestic or foreign transfers, we make it easy to initiate wires through our online banking service, as well as through non-electronic channels. Plus, we provide immediate notification, so you always know the status of your transactions.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay helps us monitor and protect your business against potential fraudulent activity. With Positive Pay, clients submit an electronic file of checks issued. We then match this list against items that have been submitted for payment and present any exception items to you for your review and approval. Any checks that are not authorized by you are returned without risk to your business.

Sweep Accounts

At Bank of Southern California, we make sure your money is working for you by establishing automatic sweeps between accounts to cover expenses and minimize unnecessary fees while maximizing interest earned.

  • Zero Balance Accounts - Generally used for payroll accounts, money is transferred into the zero balance account only to cover the outgoing payroll checks; thereby maintaining a zero balance and maximizing the funds available in your operating account.
  • Excess Balance Sweep – Automatically transfer balances above an established amount from your business checking account into an interest-bearing money market account to maximize your interest earned.
  • Overdraft Protection – We ensure your check payments are honored with automatic overdraft protection from available funds in another deposit account or from a line of credit.

Want To Learn More?

For more information on how Bank of Southern California can help your business improve its cash management, please contact us or visit one of our locations.